STEM Education

STEM Education at May Howard is Taking Off!

Engineer Week May Howard 055_jpg

Our MHE girls love STEM!


The science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) at May Howard Elementary School provides kindergarten through fifth grade students an integrated, rigorous academic design. Based on the Commom Core Georgia Performance Standards (CCGPS), the comprehensive STEM design uses a well blended use of text, technology and mathematical resources in order to teach and learn at high levels.  May Howard offers a unique design of STEM based learning that is more so than most traditional elementary learning environments.  This is no ordinary learning environment.  May Howard is the neighborhood school with a specialty school design.

Engineer Week May Howard 011_jpg

Collaboration and innovation is a fostered at MHE!

Our students at May Howard engage in rigorous curriculum that involves critical thinking through a combination of creative thought, problem based learning and science and math-based investigations. Through the teaching of integrated units of instruction, MHE students are active participants in relevant learning that involves collaboration that encourages and fosters creativity.  Students will be prepared for a 21st century workforce that involves innovation, collaboration and problem solving.  Students at MHE are able to create their destiny and imagine in order to innovate for the future global society.  



MHE Girls learn to Code!

For more information on our innovative STEM design at May Howard, please visit our MHE STEM website at



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